Last Thursday, trade deadline day, the Grizzlies were in Oklahoma City. Conley and Gasol were still on the roster, but they’d spent the previous two weeks talking about what might happen. Conley just wanted it to fast forward to 2 p.m. CT. “It was emotional, man,” he said. “It was hard, ’cause part of me, obviously, is trying to lock in on my job and just worry about Oklahoma and really, like, watch film and prepare. But I can’t help but, like, the other 90 percent of me is like I’m about to get traded or Marc’s about to get traded.”
“Man, it’s really weird,” Conley said. “I sat next to the guy every bus ride, every plane ride, so it’s weird when you look over to the right and the guy is not there and it’s a different person. You’re like, what are you doing here? But we knew at some point it would happen, and I’m just happy he got to a situation where he can succeed and have a chance at winning a championship.”
Kawhi Leonard thinks the Toronto Raptors have what it takes to win it all this season. “I think the organization did a good job of trying to make us better down this last stretch,” Leonard said at media day for the 2019 NBA All-Star Game. “Like I said before, time will tell where our journey is going to end, but I think we have a good chance of getting to the Finals and winning it. But we still got a lot of work to do.”