The Utah Jazz announced today that the team has added Dell Demps and Keyon Dooling to its coaching staff. “I was fortunate to work with Dell to begin my career as a head coach in professional basketball and I know he will delve into his role on the bench,” said Head Coach Quin Snyder.“ He has an incredible work ethic and commitment to his craft. His vast experience both as a player and in front office roles brings a unique perspective that will be invaluable to our team, we’re excited to welcome him to the Jazz.”
“Keyon is a fantastic addition for us on multiple levels and someone I’ve always had tremendous respect for since our time at Missouri where we formed a close bond that has continued throughout the years,” said Snyder. “He’s a natural leader who was a captain on multiple teams in the league and I have no doubt that the way he approached the game as a player will translate to the work he puts in with our roster on the court.”
A Utah based company, SME Steel Contractors announced it will not be renewing its licensed suite with the Utah Jazz after the team’s players knelt during the national anthem to draw attention to protests over racial equality. The entire Jazz roster, as well as most players from the NBA, opted to kneel during the national anthem before their games during the league’s restart in Orlando. Now, SME Steel Contractors say they will not be supporting the team until they cease their protests. In a letter sent to the Jazz owner Gail Miller, the Jazz organization, and also sent to KSL, the company expressed his decision to pull its investment in the team’s luxury suite.
What’s the response you get from Jazz fans now on Twitter? Vernon Maxwell: Death threats, all that s—. They want to kill me. I can’t come to Utah. They hate me. I don’t hate nobody I don’t know. I’ve gotta know you to hate you, because you must’ve done something to me to hate you. It’s hard for me to have hate in my heart, but that’s the way they feel and that’s fine with me. I don’t have a problem. If they do come at me, when they come they better come for real. S—, they’ll print this s— back up and I can get back to being Mad Max again. I’m Glad Max now.