Yes, Beal wants some help in Washington and believes he may be able to find it by selling other stars on the Wizards’ future. After trading Otto Porter Jr. and Markieff Morris, the Wizards could have some money to play with in free agency and Beal wants to help them use it. “The recruiting process is really going alright. It’s going alright. I’m trying,” Beal said. “This is new for me. I’m definitely getting some ears and seeing what guys are looking for.”
Beal wouldn’t name names for fear of reprimand from the league. But he did share some details about how those conversations went. He said he asked players about their situations and whether they were happy playing where they are. And to his surprise, some players came up to him and started the conversation themselves. Some asked about his situation, likely wondering if he would want to leave. But it sounds like some may have inquired about what it would be like to play for the Wizards. Beal said he got questions like: “So, what are y’all doing in D.C.?” and “How is D.C.?” Whenever he was pressed for further details by reporters, Beal brushed the questions off. “I’m gonna keep it in my piggy bank, in my back pocket. Hopefully we can do something,” he said.

Beal recruiting for Wizards during All-Star Weekend

The Wizards’​​ sole All-Star representative is looking three-and-a-half months ahead to the start of free agency — and maybe even beyond that. Beal joked to The Athletic on Friday that he may have to spend the weekend tampering with the other 25 All-Stars in Charlotte. Then again, maybe he wasn’t joking too much. The two-way recruiting has already begun, as he admitted following Sunday’s game. “It was really crazy,” Beal said. “A lot of guys were coming to talk to me and asking me how I feel. The recruiting process is really going all right. It’s going all right. I’m trying. This is new for me. So, I’m definitely getting some ears and seeing where guys’ minds are at.”
Still, the league does not enforce player-on-player recruiting as if it were tampering. So, in this case, Beal can “tamper” away. And opponents can return the favor. “Guys were, ‘So, what y’all doing in D.C.? How is D.C.?’ Or I’m asking, ‘What’s your situation? What you thinking about? How you feeling? Any changes need to be made?’” he said.
So, uhhh, who was it? “I can’t name no names. I’m not gonna name no names. I ain’t gonna name no names. You’re not gonna have me out here for tampering. I ain’t gonna throw no names out. I’m keeping them in my piggy bank, my back pocket right here,” Beal said. “But in July, hopefully we can do something.” Beal, who has two seasons remaining on his contract with the Wizards and says he wants to stick around, is a known shooter, but this is a halfcourt heave. Props to him for at least being the guy who chucks before the end-of-quarter buzzer sounds.