There’s a feeling around the league that the Wizards almost have to shop Bertans, if just to see if there is a contender willing to go wild with draft picks to get him. Bertans has been terrific this season, a prolific three-point shooter, jacking up nearly nine per game, who is among the candidates for the NBA’s Most Improved award. He seems like an ideal fit with a John Wall–Bradley Beal backcourt, the kind of frontcourt player who can open up the floor for both.
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Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas got to know Porter as Porter starred in his senior year of high school in Seattle, declared him the best player before the 2018 draft and befriended him last season in Denver, where the players spent considerable time rehabbing together from their respective injuries. “He’s in the making of a Kevin Durant,” Thomas said of Porter. “One of the most special talents I’ve ever been around, ever seen. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be a superstar in this league.

Wizards optimistic about John Wall

The Wizards are very optimistic about Wall making a full recovery from his latest injury. I watched Wall go through the paces of a pregame workout recently, and he looks close to full strength. It still doesn’t make much sense for Washington to bring him back this season, but I like his chances for making a strong return next fall.
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Are there any current NBA players who remind you of yourself in terms of their game or tenacity? You mentioned Patrick Beverley, so I’m guessing he’s one. Gary Payton: There are two: Marcus Smart and Patrick Beverley. They both remind me of myself. They’ll go at you. Beverley is a little bit different because he doesn’t have the offensive game that I had. But Marcus is starting to become that kind of player – he’s starting to score and shoot the ball. But both of them are dogs on the defensive end. My son, [Gary Payton II], has a little of that in him and he’s doing the same thing. He can get at you when he wants to and he’s long for someone who’s 6-foot-3, so his length will hurt you too. When you have them type of guys who can play defense that type of way, it’s always a bonus for their team. When you have a guy who can lock down like that, he’s always giving you great stuff on that end. But can they give you something on the other end? All three of them need to work on their offense