The entire team, minus a few notables like Rui Hachimura, Davis Bertans, and Bradley Beal got together last week for a series of workouts and scrimmages, as a squad, in preparation for the upcoming season. Wall weighs around 210 pounds and will be focused on maintaining that weight throughout the 2020-21 season, NBC Sports Washington has learned.

“Teams are trying. A lot of them are calling, a lot of them are inquiring and putting packages together — trying to see if they can get me,” he explained. “That’s not a secret. They’ve been doing that for the last couple of years. I don’t view it as a distraction. It’s kind of a sign of respect and motivation too. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep playing hard, keep being the professional that you are. People like that, people are gravitating towards you. Understand what you have here (with the Wizards), but understand that you’re wanted elsewhere too. So just understanding your value and appreciating it.”
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NBA Central: Bradley Beal explains why he signed a 1+1 year extension with Washington “You still want to be able to protect yourself and kinda be selfish. How can I create some type of flexibility for myself if we aren’t winning, if I do choose to get out.” (🎥 @OldManAndThree )

Scotto on the Hawks: At a certain point, they’ve got a lot of young talent as it is. They’ve got Cam Reddish, Kevin Huerter, De’Andre Hunter, and Trae Young. You’ve got to get some veteran guys in there to help them, and that team gets to the next level. My sense is the Hawks want to try to get somewhere in the 30s in terms of wins next year and improve in free agency. I look for them to be a team in the mix for shooting and guys like Davis Bertans and Joe Harris.
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Arenas recalled a story from when he and Blake were teammates on the Washington Wizards during a recent episode of his ‘No Chill Gil’ podcast. They got into a fight at practice and how Blake reacted afterward took Arenas by surprise. “During practice I elbowed Steve Blake and he swung at me,” Arenas said. “I was like ‘damn, wait hold on.’ Oh, really? Did [he] just throw a punch at me? Is that how we’re working here? We’re going through it, like wrestling on the floor. Practiced ended. He’s like ‘alright, man, y’all want to go to Legal Seafood?'”